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This unique stringing machine offers you the perfect mix between a classic crank pulling machine and an electronic stringing machine. With the MT-200 tension head you enjoy the following advantages: • Constant, electronic tension mechanism with digital LED-display and sensor-keypad. The quick release button on the front of the string gripper allows a more efficient work. • The linear string gripper guarantees maximum protection of your strings • Pre-stretch function adjustable to 10/15/20/25 %. Saves time, because a manual pre-stretching of the string is not necessary • The tension is adjustable in 0.1 kg steps, which allows a more individual setting than you know from other conventional stringing machines. • Memory-function for up to 4 different settings. • String type (polyester, synthetic, natural gut) can be chosen • Tie-function • Setting of accurate tensions from 5 to 40 kg • Very user-friendly • The sound can be activated/deactivated and the volume can be regulated • With the external power supply, the engine can be operated with 90 - 220 volts. Crank pull system for precise, quick and comfortable stringing • Linear pull mechanism • Smooth cranking system • Setting of accurate tensions from 5 to 40 kg • Ball-bearing, self-adjusting and string-friendly quick release mechanism Other features: • Robust, solid quality • The holding tongs are suitable for tennis, squash and badminton Scope of delivery: • pro’s pro® Pioneer• MT-200 tension head • Adapter for the tension head